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Our Story

All About the People Behind R&R

About Rob (Written by Rachel):
Rob and I have been together since 2008. He's taken a lot of work ;) but he's also the kindest, most genuine person I know. His kindness begins at home and can be seen in the way he deals with his family as well as my side of the family, but mostly with his own pets. Animals hold a special place in Rob's heart. I still hear to this day of his childhood pets, and those of his family. His old dog Lucy was his special girl. Rob's joy in working with animals grows constantly, and he cannot hide the pleasure that he gets from seeing a difficult dog reach a milestone, or a dog that's been crated its whole life play with a toy for the first time. Any animal is in good hands when Rob is taking part in their care. 
Rob is also  an artist who creates all the artwork, logos, etc for the rescue, as well as creates various types of artwork as a hobby /  additional income. To view his art and our products, visit

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