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Need to Surrender an Animal?

Sometimes life hits hard. Here is how we can help if you are thinking of surrendering or rehoming a pet.

Do we accept owner surrenders?

Yes we do, when we are able. If we don't have space, we'll gladly add you to our wait list, or recommend another rescue who may be able to help. However, sometimes the issues behind surrender or rehoming can have solutions that we can help with before surrendering needs to be done.  Read on to see if any of these options may work for you.

Training / Behaviourist Work: If your dog is showing unwanted behaviours, the most common reason behind this is inadequate exercise. Dogs require a lot of mental and physical stimulation, and if they are not receiving enough, this can come out in negative behaviours. A trainer or behaviourist can help you give your dog what they need to be the dog you need.

Health Problems: Sometimes when your dog shows unwanted or aggressive behaviour, there can be an underlying health problem that you may not know about. We recommend getting your dog a full veterinary examination, including blood work, to make sure they are healthy before pursuing other options.

Specific Home Issues: Sometimes a dog has issue with something more specific to your home that could be a fairly easy fix that you may not be seeing. Contact us or a trainer with any questions to see if something in your environment can change to help your dog.

Final Option: We do not believe in euthanizing healthy dogs. We will always do everything in our power to help a dog. If you have tried everything else and feel the need to surrender your dog, please reach out to us. If we have space, we will then send you our Surrender Form to complete. This helps us get as much information as possible in order to help and eventually rehome your dog, so please fill it out as truthfully and thoroughly as possible. 

We do also take in cats and small animals, so if you need help with another type of animal, get in touch to see if we can be of help.

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